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About Us South Georgia First Custom Green Home Builders / Building above minimum Code.
The Right Builder Finding the right builder for your new home.
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Current Promotions Current promotions for the selected showroom location.
Financial Assistance Pre-Qualify for you home loan with one of our preferred lenders.
Land Assistance We can help you find land.
Realtor Program CHB Custom Green Homes local Realtor Marlene Bienes Rose City Realty.
Communities Take a look at our communities.
Publications CHB Custom Green Homes in The News.
Building Green The Benefits of building eco green homes.
Working With A Realtor What you should know when working with a Dual Agency.
Bad-Builders Bad Builders in Thomasville and South Georgia.
Smart Home Building Smart Homes With technology.
Testimonials See what others are saying about us.
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) high performance building panels.
Spray_Foam_Insulation Icynene’s new renewable-based formulation.
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Not All Roofers Work The Same - We Re-Roof The Right Way. Guaranteed.
Projects New Homes For Sale in Thomasville, Georgia and South Georgia.
We build Custom Homes Above Minimum Code Architects/designers plans.
Valdosta We build Custom and Green Homes in Valdosta & South Georgia.
Benefits The Benefits of Buying a Green Home Built Above Minimum Code.
Build_On_Your_Lot Custom Built Homes on Your Lot Georgia
Thomasville, GA. Realtors Working With Dual Agency in Georgia and in Thomasville is a Bad Idea
On Your Lot Builder
We Are The First Custom and Green Home Builders On Your Lot Builders in GA.
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Anderson Opelika Clayton Jackson, MS Cairo
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Available Plans View all of our available plans.  
  Donald A. Garder    Nelson Design Group  
Frank Betz Associates, Inc.
The Nicholson 1486 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-685
1216 Square Feet 
1429 Square Feet 
The Rosewood 1536 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG- 805  
1214 Square Feet 
1540 Square Feet
The Iverson 1547 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-582
1304 Square Feet  STAPLETON 1553 Square Feet
The Irby 1580 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-200
1355 Square Feet  ST AUGUSTINE 1575 Square Feet
 The Currier 1583 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-1281
1629 Square Feet  TATE 1600 Square Feet
The Pinebluff 1614 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG- 679 
2007 Square Feet  GENEVA 1670 Square Feet
The Cassady  
1617 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-1219
2083 Square Feet  MARSHALL 1671 Square Feet
The Jewell 1640 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG- 255
2096 Square Feet  ALLEN 1715 Square Feet
The Morrison 1651 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-190
2107 Square Feet 
1755 Square Feet
The Armond 1654 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG- 982  
2129 Square Feet  ALDRIDGE 1874 Square Feet
The Violet
1660 Square Feet 
Plan: NDG-1137B
2135 Square Feet  ASBURY PARK 1934 Square Feet
The Carrollton
1667 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 190-1
2158 Square Feet  DORSET 1947 Square Feet
The Knoxville
1677 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-202
2189 Square Feet  CHADWICK 2051 Square Feet
The Dewfield
1676 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 700
2217 Square Feet 
2064 Square Feet
The Yarrow
1707 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-195
2238 Square Feet  SANDERS 2081 Square Feet
The Ives 1711 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-526B
2261 Square Feet 
2112 Square Feet
The Queenfield 1737 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 171
2280 Square Feet  BARTEN 2201 Square Feet
The Hatfield 1793 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-140
2319 Square Feet  GEORGETOWN 2236 Square Feet
The  Luxembourg 1797 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 546
2379 Square Feet  CASTLEBERRY 2246 Square Feet
The Bookworth 1820 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-646
2373 Square Feet  BIRKDALE 2222 Square Feet
The Gresham 1830 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 514
2394 Square Feet  ELINOR PARK 2240 Square Feet
The Sagemoor 1835 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-563 
2405 Square Feet  ARDSLEY 2262 Square Feet
The Sugarhill
1854 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 128
2444 Square Feet  WALNUT GROVE 2275 Square Feet
The Pennyhill
1867 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 983
2481 Square Feet  AMELIA 2286 Square Feet
The Greenbranch
1885 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 118
2502 Square Feet 
2282 Square Feet
The Wilshire
1904 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 769
2525 Square Feet  KINGSPORT 2282 Square Feet
The Wilton 1911 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 664
2542 Square Feet  KINGSBRIDGE 2289 Square Feet
The Giovanni 1921 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 392  
2552 Square Feet  BOSWORTH 2296 Square Feet
The Granville 1925 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 537  
2564 Square Feet  ALLENTOWN 2306 Square Feet
The Edelweiss 1929 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 597 
2603 Square Feet 
2322 Square Feet
The Gillespie 1955 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-1176
2620 Square Feet  HEDGEROW 2324 Square Feet
The Unison Creek 1956 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 711
2659 Square Feet  BLENHEIM 2325 Square Feet
The Prairiefield 1965 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-1089
2952 Square Feet  CLARKSVILLE 2328 Square Feet
The Sutton
1974 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 1214  
3328 Square Feet  NATHANIEL 2331 Square Feet
The Fieldstone 1975 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-1183 
3990 Square Feet  BUFFINGTON 2335 Square Feet
The Ingraham 1977 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-719
4420 Square Feet 
2335 Square Feet
The Wexler 1997 Square Feet
Plan: NDG- 1229
4886 Square Feet  HOLLY SPRINGS 2338 Square Feet
The Hemingford 2114 Square Feet
Plan: NDG-1211
8484 Square Feet  GREENVILLE 2343 Square Feet
The Laurelmoore 2135 Square Feet  
The Lisenby 2142 Square Feet

Garrell Associates

  CORNELIA 2388 Square Feet
The Whitney 2149 Square Feet
Abbeywood Manor 
2343 SquareFeet
2389 Square Feet
The Wyndham 2163 Square Feet
Belle Demure Lorraine
4496 SquareFeet SHOAL CREEK 2403 Square Feet
The Mainestone 2276 Square Feet
Breckenridge Cottage
2305 SquareFeet LASALLE 2425 Square Feet
The Kirkwood 2334 Square Feet
3237 SquareFeet DALRYMPLE 2425 Square Feet
The Fernwood 2328 Square Feet
2484 SquareFeet MONAHAN 2427 Square Feet
The Whitcomb 2357 Square Feet
3015 SquareFeet BLACKSTONE 2434 Square Feet
The Silvergate 2390 Square Feet
3183 SquareFeet FINLEY 2491 Square Feet
The Thatcher 2430 Square Feet
3337 SquareFeet
2507 Square Feet
The Collier 2526 Square Feet
Satilla River Cottage
2879 SquareFeet DONNELLY 2513 Square Feet
The Hammond Hill 2544 Square Feet
Newcastle E
3363 SquareFeet
2570 Square Feet
The Pemberley 2569 Square Feet
Tres Maison B
3393 SquareFeet BAKERSFIELD 2584 Square Feet
The Hinnman 2581 Square Feet
Turnberry B
2704 SquareFeet CARRINGTON 2608 Square Feet
The Sagecrest 2613 Square Feet
2482 SquareFeet MICHELLE 2643 Square Feet
The Crawford 2615 Square Feet
2957 SquareFeet KINGSTON 2709 Square Feet
The Merrill 2672 Square Feet
2533 SquareFeet BURNSIDE 2764 Square Feet
The Marcourt 2673 Square Feet     BROCKETT 2766 Square Feet
The Bainbridge 2733 Square Feet    
2775 Square Feet
The Ridgewater 2793 Square Feet     MACKINAW 2776 Square Feet
The Fincannon 2834 Square Feet     BALMORAL 2806 Square Feet
The Rutherford 2901 Square Feet     MARYLAND 2836 Square Feet
The Stonebrook 2904 Square Feet     GENTRY 2840 Square Feet
The Whitestone 2929 Square Feet     BARNSLEY MILL 2883 Square Feet
The Caineworth 2959 Square Feet     ARTHUR 2887 Square Feet
The Willow Hill 3001 Square Feet     SHELBY 2940 Square Feet
The Canterbury 3012 Square Feet     IVERSON 2953 Square Feet
The Laurelwood 3014 Square Feet     SOUTHAMPTON 3027 Square Feet
The Birchwood 3047 Square Feet     WINDSONG 3068 Square Feet
The Belmeade 3068 Square Feet     ASHTON 3024 Square Feet
The Clarkson 3080 Square Feet     ROMNEY 3230 Square Feet
The Rochester 3134 Square Feet     GRACETON 3250 Square Feet
The Touchstone 3213 Square Feet     JERNIGAN 3295 Square Feet
The Callaway 3215 Square Feet     DEERWOOD 3548 Square Feet
The Hartswick 3293 Square Feet    
3710 Square Feet
The Scofield 3425 Square Feet    
3820 Square Feet
The Drayton Hall 3484 Square Feet     WEDGEWOOD 3548 Square Feet
The Kingsbridge 3491 Square Feet    
3530 Square Feet
The Churchdown 3499 Square Feet     KINGSDALE 3843 Square Feet
The Monte Vista 3509 Square Feet     AVIGNON 3853 Square Feet
The Solstice Springs 3570 Square Feet    
3872 Square Feet
The Quartermaine 3698 Square Feet     FLANAGAN 3877 Square Feet
The Carrera 4221 Square Feet    
3878 Square Feet
The Capistrano 4446 Square Feet     NOTTAWAY 3915 Square Feet
The Oak Abbey 4547 Square Feet    
4003 Square Feet
The Steeplechase 4776 Square Feet    
4024 Square Feet
4036 Square Feet
        FAIRPORT 4049 Square Feet
4059 Square Feet
4101 Square Feet
        AVONLEA 4154 Square Feet


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