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The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the INDUSTRY STANDARD by which a home's energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED system for inspecting and calculating a home's energy performance. We are the only RESNET Smart Home builders in Georgia. All of our custom smart homes are HERS Rated.

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Imagine a home that is energy-efficient, Just like a typical home, a Energy Smart Homes connected to, and uses energy from, the local electric utility. But unlike typical homes, at times the makes enough power to send some back to the utility. Annually, a produces enough energy to offset the amount purchased from the utility-resulting in a energy-smart annual energy bill. We Build Smart Energy House Plans. We are your First Choice and only CHOICE when building your custom home above Minimum Code. We are NOT Realtors, Home Inspectors, or non-License builder building low to bare minimum code. We are true Custom Home Builders. FREE Floor Plans when home-built by CHB Eco Custom Homes. We build energy smart small house plans. Coming Seen Our Ecologically Sized Plans our guarantee an electrical bill average* of $50/per Month with our floor plans, no other builder in Georgia or Thomasville, GA. will offer this. we are Gabuilder of high performance homes.

Take a moment to look over our current corporate brochure and find out more about the value and quality that you receive when you choose Capital Home Builders. Feel free to download the brochure to your computer or save it and forward it if you know someone looking for the best residential custom homes in South Georgia. The brochure printed in black & white or color.
While other builders in the Georgia area are still using old building practices and building to bare minimum code simply to avoid breaking the law. CHB Eco Custom Homes are building homes to a higher standard. Are homes are qualified by a third-party and it has earned the blue seal by the EPA. High Performance Homes are independently verified to meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These homes save money on utility bills, offer a more comfortable living environment with better indoor air quality and superior materials. Building green is now more than a trend; it is a construction method that have been adopted by many.

New Built Homes can Consume an impressive 40% to 50% less energy Then a regular low to bare minimum code home built today in some areas. Now think about the almost certain rise in the cost of energy. CHB Energy guarantee the comfort of the Original Homeowner for two years. Should the Actual Usage for heating and cooling exceed the Guaranteed Usage in any one-year period, CHB Energy will reimburse the homeowner for 100 percent of the overage cost of the difference.

Architectural Green house plans. We Built Healthy Homes. Our Homes Are Built Above Minimum Code. While Others Are Building Homes To Bare & below Minimum Code In Thomasville, You Know The Old Saying "U GET WHAT U PAY 4" If you're looking for a custom-built home done right and above minimum code we R it, if you are looking for a cheap built home-built to bare & below minimum code in Thomas County we have more than our share of unqualified builders, Realtors, and others calling themselves builders working under someone else's license with NO building experience who would be eager and swift to build you a BOX. 

Custom Luxury Floor Plans. By CHB Eco Custom Homes


HERS Qualified Pre-Construction Homes Starting at $169,900

Capital Home Builders, Inc. is leading the way with ENERGY STAR qualified homes in Georgia and North Florida, homes that carry the ENERGY STAR government-backed symbol that identify Genuine Environmentally friendly products that offer the features, quality, and performance that today’s consumers expect. Saving a significant amount of money, and living comfortably is more than just programmable thermostats, thermal windows and doors. Capital Home Builders Homes qualified to save up to 30-40% on your energy bill. We are First Smart Custom & high performance Home Builder in South Georgia America's #1 On-Your-Lot-Builder.

We are the only Builder offering 2 Years Energy Bill Guarantee

We guarantee that our homes will save you 30-40% on your electrical bill or we will pay your bill for 2 years..... Others in the Georgia Area are claiming energy-saving homes, but can they prove it.

The design of your custom home is a critical step in our design/build process.  We have built many homes using plans that have already been developed. These plans can come from plan design firms typically found on the internet as well as local custom home architects and designers.  It has also been our experience that the plans are further refined and modified once we become involved as we focus on technologies such as green building materials, home automation, energy efficiency, home theater, site selection and other related issues. We welcome clients that already have developed plans to contacting us, but at the same time, if you have not started your design, we welcome the chance to take part in the design process.

support the Reeve Foundation


We have strong relationships with many designers and architects and often our clients choose to work with one of them. However, we often work with other architects and designers that desired by our clients. We will always accommodate our client's preferences in their preferred architects, designers and interior designers. Often, this choice is based on a specific home you may have seen or a plan you may have found on the internet. We recommend that our clients bring all of their ideas and preferences in the way of actual pictures, plans, clippings, flyers, etc. that convey the look and feel of their dream home. We then match our clients to an architect or designer whom is best suited to carry out our client's vision. If the vision is very similar to an existing design, we may go directly to the designer of the plan and request their services. The only builder with the largest selection of floor plans by the most influential Architects & Designers with affordable price.

Sustainable Design, Construction & Living Green:

Every decision and all aspects of building and living in your home will affect energy consumption, your physical health, and your well-being. The goal of the Capital Home Builders' Green living is to offer our customers, clients, and friends a better built and Earth Friendly home. Our resources related to the home and surrounding landscape and gardens (such as xeriscaping and veggie gardens). Some of the basics begin with local and international conservation codes for residences.
The next level is building to a "higher standard" by employing advanced programs sponsored by energy efficient suppliers and green products; or by implementing a programs such as "Earth Craft", designed by SouthFace Energy Institute in Atlanta, GA. Beyond proper solar orientation, Capital Home Builders can design a true passive/active solar custom home with aesthetic appeal for your geo-climate. CHB Eco Custom Floor Plans.
Terms and Conditions:
The information concerning Architects presented on this site provided for informational purposes only. Capital Home Builders & Dev, Inc. makes no representations, promises, or warranties concerning this information or the work of the Architects identified here, and have no responsibility or liability for the work, acts, or omissions of any Architects identified through this website. Capital Home Builders & Dev. Inc., is not affiliated with any particular Architects and does not endorse or recommend those identified here. By using the information concerning Architects presented on this site, you agree that Capital Home Builders & Dev., Inc. has no legal liability for your selection of Architects for your home plans.
First and only ENERGY STAR  Eco high performance Home Builder in Thomasville, Cairo, Valdosta and South Georgia Area.  BUILT RIGHT - BUILT TO EXCEED MINIMUM CODE!
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