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CHB Eco Custom Home Signature Features
The Signature Features of our homes are anything but standard. When you buy a CHB Eco Custom high performance Home, you’ll enjoy high-end appliances and fixtures, unique interior and exterior design elements, and quality materials and craftsmanship throughout the construction process with our eco smart home technology features and ENERGY STAR certified homes you get a home-built like no other in Thomasville, and Valdosta and South Georgia.
We are the true First Custom Smart Home and ENERGY STAR  Green Builders in the South Georgia area. Shopping for a new home, evaluate our features with other builders. Our Custom Brochure
Custom Home Benefits: All of our homes built with high quality Materials and they appraise high then any other builder in Thomasville, and South Georgia. Our new homes are built above minimum code by implementing "continuous load path" to increase hurricane safety.  No other builder in South Georgia or Thomasville builds homes like we do. Our homes are built better and stronger.
We Guarantee that our homes will save you 40-50% on your electrical bill or we will pay your bill for 2 years..... Others in the Thomasville, and South Georgia Area are claiming energy-saving homes, but can they prove it. WE CAN!

Custom high performance Homes from $89/Per Sq. Ft.

We don't build eight minimum code homes at a time we build custom green high-performance homes and we build it right. Don't overpay for a new home with less features and an overpriced H.O.A in South GA, We are the only builder building high performance homes in South Georgia with Energy bill GUARANTEED!


Capital Home Builders – We are the only true custom home builder in Thomasville, and South Georgia and North Florida. We are the first to lable Custom Home Builder!


Other New Homes
All of our homes are built with Florida Code NOT Georgia…. Better Code / Better Homes.    
1) Stronger foundation and Footers - Our Found are built with Wire Mash and Fiber
2) 2X6 exterior walls  - stronger house and more wall  Insulation
3) Continuous load path - stronger house (local builders will not know what this is)
4) Trusses design with heel for extra insulation
5) Titanium underlayment with ice & water and installed properly.
6) Whole house surge protector. ( Other builders don’t incorporate).
7) Hole house wiring for smart home – ( Other builders don’t incorporate)
8) Video surveillance monitoring on vacation.
9) Smart thermostat lower A/C unit with Smart Phone before getting home.
10) 2.5 Ton 15 SEER A/C unit. For a 2,500 Sq. Ft. Home. Very energy efficient
11) 50 Gal 95 Energy Efficient Water Heater
12) Top quality energy efficient windows
13) Advanced Framing - (local builders will not know what that is).
14) Insulated garage. Optional
15) No bath inserts in our homes just top quality porcelain tile – Others use ceramic tile
16) Dual flush toilets
17) Architectural Shingles – NOT three tab shingles other builders use.
18) 2’ Overhang trusses for more shade – Other builders don’t incorporate
19) 6" fascia for a better roof look – Other Builders use only a 4” fascia
20) High quality cement board siding.
21) Driveway has fiber with wire mesh – Other builder don’t incorporate
22) A/C Unit reviewed by a mechanical engineer
23) Our homes are rated by an Energy Smart Rater.
24) LED and CFLs - All of our homes come with high-End lighting 
26) A hand few of other custom green features our competitors are not aware of

You will not find a better built home in Thomasville and South Georgia


Other new homes in Thomasville or South Georgia don’t provide as many features as we do. We believe that you will not find a better built home with so many features.
Knowledge is power for homebuyer's with HERS Index Scores! in the low 49's
Bath Room Inserts CHB Homes has never used inserts in any of our homes and we are happy to say that a few builders have switched as well. 
We do not use 60-year-old outlets or light switches CHB Eco Custom high performance Homes hopes that other builders in the area will follow our high standards. Just like they did by switching from inserts to cast iron tubs and tile baths. CHB Eco Custom high performance Homes is leading the way to a higher standard of home building.


1. Effective Insulation
2. High-Performance Windows
3. Tight Construction and Ducts
4. Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment
5. Efficient Products
6. Third-Party Verification
Capital Home Builders is the most sought after custom high performance home builder in Thomasville, South Georgia and North Florida. Capital Home Builders is the leader of high performance smart home as standards features for South Georgia and North Florida. Our customers have our personal commitment to make sure their custom home is built right and above minimum code. 
We are not about the bottom line when it comes to building your custom home. We are about giving our customers a custom luxury home is built wiht more then just energy efficient and like no other home in the Georgia and north Florida area.
Any change orders while construction will be charged materials, labor and 15% contractors fee.
Note: Because we are constantly improving our product, we reserve the right to change product features, brand names, dimensions, architectural details and design. The brochure and information on this page is for illustration purposes only and is not part of a legal contract.
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