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Join us for Earth Hour at 8:30pm Saturday March 28 2009!

For more information about Earth Hour visit

Horton Activity Book: ENERGY STAR. This activity book has games, puzzles, and words searches all to help children learn about what they can do more energy-efficient and fight global warming. EPA is very excited to work with 20th Century Fox connection with their new movie, Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hears a Who" to help Americans and their kids learn about energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR . 
Play Horton Games

Horton Tip Sheet: Now Hear This: What you can do in your home to fight global warming. This pamphlet highlights six steps we can all take in our homes part of the solution to help protect the environment.
Join Dr. Seuss With games, puzzles, coloring pages and fun activities at

Join the Lorax and EPA by doing your part every day. We can all fight global warming by making easy changes at home and at school. Learn more at
Kids be Green - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle! Learn How to Protect our Environment
Learn how you can help keep our earth healthy and green. Remember, trash isn't always garbage. Often items can be reused, reduced or recycled to help the environment. By practicing the 3R's regularly, you are making a big difference!

Fun, informative games & puzzles that show you how to be Energy Smart at home and at school


Links to federal government Web sites for kids related to Earth Day and the environment.
Global climate change - EPA
Welcome To Study Hall!
EPA Climate Change Kids PageThe kids page focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address climate change.
Make an Impact: Save Money, Save The Planet
Global Warming And The Freshwater Crisis
Kids Corner: California Environmental Protection Agency.
Energy Hogbusters: learn how to outsmart the hogs that waste energy.
Sci4Kids: stories about plants and bugs.
Environmental Protection Agency's Kids Club: games and activities about environmental issues
S.K.Worm: he'll answer your questions about dirt.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids' pages: play games, read stories, sing along, and color. for Kids: a portal to lots of kids' resources about plants and animals.
Tiki The Penguin
National Institutes of Health: Tox Mystery
Global Warming Kids: A project of climate change education.
NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Roofus the Dog's Solar and Efficient Neighborhood: make your home energy smart.
"Global Warming and Climate Change" News Sources about Global Warming and Climate Change


"Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos Abatement" About 4 in 5 homes sold nationwide are ‘used’ homes. Homes built before 1978 my have lead-base paint. learn more at
From: Deb

Everything You Need to Know About Your Car's Carbon Footprint

Thanks to Brooke and her Girl Scouts  for this great link. Commercialofficecleaning

Thank You, Abby and Chris Great link

Play Energyville provided by Chevron. Create a the power source of your city demands. Enjoy the game and post your scores on my comment board:
While it is well known that more than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, many people do not realize that only 2.5% of that water is freshwater. Of the freshwater on Earth, only about 1% of it is easily accessible. - See more at:  Written By: Lynn Taylor

Lighting Calculator

Click here to learn how much you can save by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs.

Home Energy Library

This extensive library will provide you with tons of information about how energy is used in your home.

EPA Environmental Kids Club: Home Page

Global Warming Kids .Net is a project of ClimateChangeEducation.Org:
science museum docents; students, staff and scientists at the University of California, Berkeley

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