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You would never buy a car without checking it’s MPG; buying a home should be treated the same way.
What is the EnergySmart Home Scale (E-Scale)?
The E-Scale is an easy-to-understand tool that helps homebuyers and homeowners make smart energy decisions when purchasing, renting, or updating a home. It is designed to provide clear, objective answers to basic questions:

1) Will this home help me save money on energy bills?
2) How many "miles per gallon" does this home get?
3) How does it compare to a typical new home?
4) How close is it to the "ultimate" – a Net-Zero Energy Home?


ALL Capital Home Builders Homes are tested and certified by an independent, third party to determine the energy performance or E-Scale score of the home. Capital Home Builders Homes guarantees that all homes will score 60 or lower on the E-Scale. What does that mean? A home achieving 60 on the EnergySmart Home Scale will use only 60 percent as much energy as a typical new home, which is 100 on the scale - saving about 40 percent in energy use on utility bills.
Visit the US Department of Energy and The Builders Challenge interactive E-Scale to see how much having an energy efficient home can save you today! US Department of Energy, Builders Challenge

Capital Home Builders Homes are GURANTEED to score 60 or less on the E-Scale. Builders Challenge (70 or lower) represents the threshold at which a home must be built to comply with the Builders Challenge.

ENERGY STAR is 85 on the E-Scale. Capital Home Builders Home outperforms the strict ENERGY STAR qualifications by at least 15 percent on every home.

Typical new home represents the energy performance of a home built to code (2006 IECC) and scores a 100 on the E-Scale.

Typical existing home represents the average energy performance of the existing housing stock which is located at 130 on the E-Scale.

Net-zero energy home annually produces with on-site renewable sources as much energy as it consumes. On-site renewable sources include energy collected on the site and used in the home (e.g., solar, wind). The site includes the home's footprint and the home site plan. The home should also provide an expected level of service and comfort.
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