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BUILD TO A HIGHER STANDARD  Sustainable, Renewable, Responsible CHB Eco Custom Homes

South Georgia home buyers - Remember the saying. - U GET WHAT YOU PAY 4!
Around the South Georgia area you are going to find very few professional builders who built quality custom homes. Most are Realtors, home appraisers and others claiming to be builders working under someone else's license with no building background or any type of building knowledge trying to make an extra buck while building bare minimum Georgia code. These people have no knowledge or background on how to build a true high performance home, they should stick to what they know like appraising or selling real estate, which most of these agent have no clue on how to sale a custom Energy Smart home. They ony look at square footage not at what makes a custom smart home unique or different from a typical spec home.

Others like to think that their subdivisions is "miracle" Not true. I would not use the word "miracle" when a person purchases one of these homes for $307,000 and than can not sell it a year latter for $229,000 don't be fooled by these advertisements on T.V. Would you pay $800.00 every six months for association fee? I would not. If these homes are worth the money they should not be discounting thousands of dollars, and just to set the store straight, we are the first builder to build all of our homes with 10' ceilings thought-out. They are a few new and old subdivisions in Thomasville, Georgia and if your realtor takes you to the wrong subdivision you will end up overpay, like Sweetbriar subdivision some of these homes are built to bare minimum Georgia code. 

DEFENDING QUALITY: We are the only Builder in the Thomasville GA, area that has the local real estate industry and other unqualified builders monitoring our homes so they can properly price their listings. Yes, you may find homes in Thomasville with lots of trim on a small lot, but are they built with quality, and built to Florida building code with high performance features, not the bare minimum Georgia cheap codes they are built to. If your electrical bill is not being guarantee for 2yrs with your new home purchase then what are you really paying for? Again Sheap, really cheap home.
"A true built Home above minimum code are verified by third party and all of our homes come with a 2 years energy bill guarantee. If our homes goes over our guarantee we will pay you the difference for 2 years. No other builder will make this offer. That is why our homes are worth more per square foot. and if you do not care for quality and built above minimum code we are sure you will find a few appraisers, Realtors, landscapers and unlicensed builders building cheap bare to minimum georgia  code homes in South GA., and Thomasville.

Custom Green Homes from $89/Per Sq. Ft.

We don't build eight minimum code homes at a time we build custom green high-performance homes and we build it right. Don't overpay for a new home with less features and overpriced H.O.A in Thomasville, and South, GA. We are the only builder building green high performance homes in Thomasville, and South Georgia With Energy bill GUARANTEED!


Bad Realtors in Thomasville, Ga. 99.99% This is true with the older Realtors in Town. The new ones have not been brainwashed as of yet, that it is ok to only show properties with 3% commission only or guide buyers to their personal or office listing only.

It is mind boggling how ignorant Thomasville, and Cairo Georgia agents are, when it comes to green and high performance homes, by thinking that adding a tankless water heater and a programmable thermostats will make a home energy efficient. Oh lets not forget listings that also say extra insulation makes a home built in 1808 energy efficient.  WOW. These Thomasville, and Cairo Georgia agents give new meaning to Green High Performance home. The only thing these realtors are interested in is a full commission not if they can get more money for the seller or save the buyer any money, no they are just interested in selling their own listing for the full commission.  (Buyers and Sellers BEWARE)!

DEFINITION of 'Kickback'

The payment of something of value to a recipient as compensation or reward for providing favorable treatment to the

"good Old Boy Network builders in Thomasville, GA. by local realtors.


Thomasville, Georgia "Real Estate Agents" Are for a lack of a better word "Incompetent" when it comes to Green High-Performance homes. They are not at all interested in expanding their real estate knowledge when it comes to new "Green" or "High-Performance" homes. The only thing these "Realtors" know is the square footage of a home, and that is because of public records if not I really think these "Realtors" would all be lost when it comes to selling Real Estate. Our homes come with so much custom features that we had to list all of our custom features on a full sheet of 8.5" X 11" and still the former listing agent at the time did not want the builder to explain the custom features. And at the same time the listing agent/broker was intimidated that the builder had to explain the custom features, because the listing agent/brokerage office could not do her job as a "Realtor/Brokerage" So if you are interested in a Green or high-performance home with a utility bill under $100/per Month I would call the builder or Marlene Bienes our new Realtor that really understands Green and High-Performance Homes. Sorry for being so blunt but I have been working with these agents for more than 10 years. I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks, but with these "Realtors" "WoW' NO. Realtors in Thomasville, Ga have been trying for years to avoid showing our homes, but our homes sell themselves and cliants looking for a true top quality built home no Real Estate Agent can legally deny any clients a showing of any home.
Thomasville Georgia Communities
Our Amenities Vs. Other Builders
Thomas County
New Homes being Built to Bare or below minimum code. *
Sweetbriar Lakes
New built bare to below minimum code homes. * One of the worst H.O.A. in Thomasville, GA.  I would not buy a new or existing home in this subdivision. all two store homes built by the worst person not a true builder.
Not built by a builder.
Jordan Oaks
Shallowbrook Farms
The most popular subdivision in Thomasville, GA. SHADOWBROOK FARMS. Off hwy 319 and 5 miles from town, 35 miles from Tallahassee, FL. MLS 906131 True Green Remodeled by Capital Home Builders
Summer Glen Most popular subdivision in Thomasville, GA. Off hwy 319 and 5 miles from town, 35 miles from Tallahassee, FL.

First and only HERS Rated Green Home in South Georgia and Thomasville.

Homes appraise higher then other subdivisions. And Homes Built by CHB are worth more. Our homes are built above minimum building Code.
Heard's Pond
Gatlin Creek Trails
Riverwind Plantation
15 Miles From The Town of Thomasville
Magnolia Pond
* Average price of existing homes $130-$140 Bare minimum code homes built.
Mitchell Place
Madison Gove
* Homes being built by Realtor/Broker.

must disclose that he is one of the owners of the construction of these homes. It is illegal not to disclose it. We are the the first builders to build homes with 10' Ft. ceilings and we are the only builder offering a 2 year electrical bill guarantee on all of our homes. We build the best homes in Thomasville, South Georgia and North Florida. And we would be happy to prove it.

Minimum Code Homes built. Please take a really good look at the details of these homes.

Buckton Place
Oak Trace
 * New Homes Built to Bare or below minimum code.
I would not buy a new or existing homes in this subdivision. built by the worst person not a true builder.
New home being built in Oak Trace by the worst unlicensed person in Thomasville, GA.
Tall Timbers Village
Willow Ridge
Sandy Creek
Beachton Place
Hwy 122 Subdivisions
* Homes being built by Realtor/Broker.

must disclose that he is one of the owners of the construction company and homes being sold. It is illegal not to disclose it.

New homes built to Minimum Building Code.
A Place in The Woods
 * New Homes Built to Bare or below minimum code.
Cairo GA.
Grady County
The comments above are our professional opinion as the top builder in Georgia and North Florida. We also hold real estate license in FL. & GA. From all of the homes being built in Thomasville, and South GA. and North Florida we are the only builder building homes in Georgia with Florida building code and the lowest HERS Rating score in Georgia and North Florida of 49. When minimum code is not upheld than it becomes bare to below minimum code homes. This is for those other builders in Thomasville, GA. You know who you R. I DARE GA BUILDERS TO STEP UP AND TRY TO UP ME! U CAN'T I AM SURE! AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT COPYING OUR INTERIOR DESIGN WITH CHEAPLY IMITATION.  Sorry Bad builders in Thomasville, but ride-Vent is not a "Energy Efficient Feature" This is required by GA building CODE!, mind you the Georgia Building Code is Crap. Adding this to your listing show how much you know about building.
Energy Efficient Home Program
Better quality, greater comfort and significant savings – it's a combination you'll love living with. A house that meets the standards of our Energy Efficient Home Program makes for a better home. That's true regardless of the type of home you choose.
ENERGY STAR certified homes are design and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today, delivering energy efficiency savings of up to 30 percent when compared to typical new homes. A new home that has earned the ENERGY STAR label has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), delivering better quality, better comfort, and better durability.
In addition, because these homes are so energy-efficient, Progress Energy will take 5 percent off your total monthly electric bill. You could save thousands of dollars over the life of your home. There are a host of other benefits with an Energy Efficient Home, from improved air quality to the potential for higher resale value to significant savings on financing.
Valdosta Georgia Communities
Our Amenities Vs. Other Builders
CHB Eco Custom Homes


Knights Mill
Kingston Estate
Mill Pond
Oak Hills
Mill Pond
Cherry Creek Hills
Pecan Plantation
Kinderlou Forest
Tallahassee Florida

A Most Read!
Our green homes appraised higher in square footage then any other homes in any subdivision we build on. CHB Custom Homes builds homes on selected lots in the Thomasville, Valdosta and South Georgia areas. We build custom homes not spec homes so we monitor each subdivision to make sure that when we build a luxury CHB Custom Home that our home buyer is getting a sustainable Green home with value. These are some of the subdivisions in the Thomasville, Valdosta, South Georgia and Tallahassee Florida areas. We do not build in all of this subdivisions. We are selective in the areas we build in.
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