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Choosing The Right Builder
(1) Choosing the Right Eco Custom Green Homebuilder
We take great care in selecting the finest materials possible and working with premium tradesmen who share our dedication to superior quality. CHB Eco Custom Homes will have a gratifying visual appeal and structural integrity as well.  Our commitment to excellence results in a durable, superior product that will sustain its value for many years to come.  
(2) Is home building your profession? Home building is a serious business. It takes commitment to keep up with everything that is going on in the industry. In South Georgia we have our share of Realtors, Home Appraisers, Unlicensed Builders and others working under someone else's licensed with no building knowledge. they are only interested in is the bottom line. 
(3) What is your experience and how long have you been in business? Good builders are proud of their track record, whether they have been in business for 3 or 30 years. They will tell you about their background, their training and experience, their strengths and what sets them apart from others. They will be honest with you about what they can do for you, when and how much. We have been in the construction for over 25 years and we are always keeping up with the new technology and materials that are on the market.
(4) Are you a member of a local Home Builders' Association? Membership in a local home builders' association in South Georgia means that your home builder is also a member of the National Home Builders' Association. Membership in the association is a sign of a builder's commitment to the industry, to the success of their own company and, ultimately, to their customers. They agree to abide by the Code of Ethics set by the National Home Builders' Association.
(5) Does your Home Builder Stand Behind Their Warranty? Every CHB Home backed by a Limited Warranty – one of the best in the new home builders industry. Your new home is covered for any repairs outside of normal maintenance and for major structural defects. We can offer these assurances because we use only quality materials and quality construction techniques and select only trade partners who share our philosophy of excellence. 
Remember, when you buy a new home you are also "buying" the builder. It is important to pay as much attention to choosing the right builder as you do to choosing the right home.
(6) The Word “Quality” How do you know if a builder truly delivers on its promise of quality and not just throws the word around? You don't! Some homes built Thomas County was labeled "Quality" but when it came down to it they had to change it to Luxury Home, because the quality was not their.
We have long standing relationships with trusted suppliers providing cutting edge top of the line materials and subcontractors that stand behind their work.
At CHB Eco Custom Homes, we do all this and more so you can feel and see the quality that goes into your home the moment you step inside.
One of the main things that make a CHB Eco Custom Home so special is that it’s built with you in mind. Long before we start to design our homes, we ask homebuyers what’s important to them in a home and how they live in it. We’re interested in learning things like where you spend the majority of your time, whether you prefer an upstairs or downstairs laundry room, and how much storage space you need. That way, when it’s time to start a new construction, we’re already building on a strong foundation.

Maximizing Your Time:

We know that shopping for a new home, while exciting can also be a bit daunting at times. That’s why we go out of our way to make it easy by offering you personalized home buying services. Providing homeowner’s features they can easily upgrade to.
Just as technology grows you can be assured that CHB Custom Green Homes will always be the first to endeavor to incorporate them in our homes.
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