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Anyone can call themselves a custom home builder and have a website created overnight with copied information from other reputable websites. Some builders claim Double 2x4 top plate & Pressure treated bottom plate is a custom feature when in fact it is (Minimum Code). CHB Eco Custom Homes is the first custom green with smart home technology features in Thomasville, Valdosta, and South Georgia. Our custom features our other builder’s upgrades. Other builders also claim energy efficiency on their home construction by incorporating one or two 50 gallon electric water heaters this would offset any energy efficiency features incorporated in the home.
Building Process - Our Steps in Building Your New Home
Below we've broken down some of the steps toward building your new home. We understand that this is a completely new area for many people and somewhat overwhelming. However, as with anything new, once you understand how to get started, and the basics of how things work, you’ll see the process isn't difficult at all. In fact, building your new home will be an exciting and rewarding process!

1 – Secure Financing
If you haven’t already met with a personal banker to discuss your pre-approval and pricing options, this is a good place to start. Once you have these numbers in mind, choosing a plan that fits within your price range becomes much easier. In most cases, the financing is almost always carried by the homeowner. In this way, customers can have complete oversight into each cost on their house. We can work with your bank, or can recommend one from past satisfied customers.

2 – Choose Your Site
Some customers come to us with a lot or land they’ve already purchased or are in the process of buying. And other customers come to us to help them find a site to build on from the many lots we have available, or know of. Either way, Capital Home Builders Inc. will come out to the proposed site and meet with you to discuss and offer placement suggestions for the building, as well as to go over the beginning site work.

3 – Finding a House Plan
You may already have an exact blue print of the house you want to build, or perhaps just a few pictures of things you like or some ideas but you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for. We have hundreds of plans and go over any changes you may want or features you would like to have, and then we can have your customized blueprint drawn, absolutely free of charge.

4 – Sign the Contract
Once we have an agreement on the price, and the details of the house are decided on, we are ready to sign a contract to build. The contract will give you a complete price to build your home, with no surprises at the end. So while other builders may leave things out initially to make the price look better, and than add them during construction, we want the houses we build to come in at, or under budget. If there is any added cost that comes up during the building process because of our oversight, Capital Home Builders Inc. will pay for it.

5 – Construction
Once construction of your new home begins you as involved as you would like. You can also pick out everything on your own, or you can have our comments and advice while you are making your decisions. We will meet with you at key times in the construction process to make the choices for the next phase of construction. We also will give you detailed spending reports, at anytime, so you can see exactly where your money being spent.

6 – After Construction
Once your new eco green custom home completed and nearly ready for you to move in, we will meet with you at the site for a final walk through. We do this so we can address any last- minute questions or concerns you may have. We will not walk away from the project until you are completely satisfied, since about 90% of our business based on of referrals, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new home.

We are proud to offer new homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR label.
ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements.
Our ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are independently verified by a third-party Home Energy Rater to ensure they meet ENERGY STAR energy efficiency guidelines. These homes are better for the environment and better for you.
Visit ENERGY STAR Web site
First and only Builder to incorporate Energy Star, Water Sense & AirPLUS features in all of our custom high performance homes


Why Buy New - Reasons to Build Instead of Buy a Home
No negotiating prices, no waiting for counter offers. No potential bidding wars, deals that fall through, and all the other headaches of involving another set of owners into the process.
Very rarely will someone like every feature of an existing home. With a new home, it's just right, just as you want it, the very day you move in.
You have control over the size, location and amenities of each room of the house. You'll never have to settle for a house that is almost your dream home.
All your appliances will be new, chosen by you, and come with full manufacturer warrantees. We also provide a comprehensive home warranty.
And that means more green in your pocket. Generally speaking, a green home-built today will be more energy-efficient, safer and more sound than any regular home-built. Your appliances will run better for less, and siding and insulation will have higher R-values. Overall, a new home will just be built better.
When considering new construction over time, there is more potential for greater increases in value. An existing neighborhood is less likely to develop than it is to maintain itself (or even degrade), depending on location. A new neighborhood, however, begins at it's potentially lowest value. As a new neighborhood is developed, value is continually added as more homes follow, new businesses are attracted to the area and roadways developed. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, when you have your home built, you'll know far more about its details. You'll have seen the framework before the drywall went up, so you'll be more familiar with the plumbing, electrical and venting. You'll likely know what kind of shingles roof your home, and how long they are guaranteed. You'll even have all the paint chips for the wall colors of every room. This kind of understanding will be very useful when, down the road, you do maintenance, or need to perform service on your home.

We make your home one-of-a-kind
As a Luxury Home Builder we believe that attaining and exceeding our customers expectations creation of their Luxury Custom Home is the true definition of Quality. Customer satisfaction is our measure of success and we’ve been achieving that goal time after time. Imagination, creativity and innovative design all make your Georgia Dream Home come to Life. The Luxury Homes we design and build boast cutting-edge amenities to make every room infinitely livable and functional, beautiful and efficient.
As we consider new building and development sites, we begin by analyzing the potential impact of the proposed project on the environment, and then design to blend harmoniously with the site and minimize that impact. Because we respect the environment, we protect trees and plant life, to the extent we can, during development and construction. During pre-construction planning, we map out site considerations and develop a Green Plan for the project, which carries as much weight as architecture or product selection. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of energy efficiency, sustainability, higher performing buildings and environmentally responsible practices.
We believe our commitment is a responsibility to create greener, more sustainable, more environmentally responsible homes and enduring, healthier neighborhoods which respect the heritage and traditions of the communities in which we build. Thus, we continue the process of improving and educating ourselves to discover better practices. Capital Home Builders are qualified Green Building Professionals, Interestingly, Capital Home Builders constant effort to find and carry out better ideas, building products and construction methods has produced another result – in addition to Greener homes – our homes build better than any other builder in Thomasville and South Georgia. It seems that all the effort expended in thinking through Greener building practices has resulted in better building practices.
We feel very strongly about educating our homeowners and potential buyers are committed to getting them to share our commitment to our Green Initiatives. After all, protecting the earth will take all of us. In this regard, we encourage readers to enhance their own education and awareness by learning more about the Benefits of owning a Green Built new home and to adopt sound Green Living practices, to fully enjoy the benefits of their new high performance home and join our efforts. We also make these Resources available to our homeowners and the public, to advance sustainable living. Additionally, Capital Home Builders is always willing to aid our homeowners with all energy efficiency and environmental questions. We encourage our homeowners and the public to use our partner organizations to take full advantage of the resources they make available to assist with greener more sustainable living.

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