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Georgia Is A Dual Agency State, Dual Agents Work For Themselves, Not The Seller or The Buyer!  Why? Because they can't negotiate for a better price and it's illegal for them to relay any personal information to either party, but they all do. If you use the same listing agent as your buyers agent than you deserve to be taken. do your homework and read the deference between a buyers agent and a dual agent. 99% of listed properties in South Georgia are sold by the same agent for the full 6% commission. If the agent you are working with see a listing with less then 3% they will NOT SHOW that listing, unless the buyer request it . CHB View Point Blogs

Bad Realtors in Thomasville, Ga. 99.99% This is true with the older Realtors in Town. The new ones have not been brainwashed as of yet, that it is ok to only show properties with 3% commission only or guide buyers to their personal or office listing only.

It is mind boggling how ignorant Thomasville, and Cairo Georgia agents are, when it comes to green and high performance homes, by thinking that adding a tankless water heater and a programmable thermostats will make a home energy efficient, Oh lets not forget listings that also say extra insulation makes a home built in 1808 energy efficient.  WOW. These Thomasville, and Cairo Georgia agents give new meaning to Green High Performance home. The only thing these realtors are interested in is full commission not if they can get more money for the seller or save the buyer any money, no they are just interested in selling their own listing for the full commission. (Local agents are more interested in selling you their listing because of the full commission then any other listings.)(So if your agent is more interested in showing you a particular listing I would bit it 's their own listing.) (Buyer BEWARE)! "good Old Boy Network builders in Thomasville, GA. by local realtors.

Realtors with their own agenda:
When you go shopping for a car, you do not only go to one dealer, so why would you stick with only one Realtor or real estate brokerage? in Thomasville, GA. we have our share of used car realtors. who are only interested in selling you their own listings or their own brokerage listings, and why "Full Commission" so this is why you need to invest more time and try finding a buyer's agent to show you houses and you will see that all realtors are not the same.

Beyond Dual Agency

 Real Estate “Double-Dipping” Takes Many Forms - Better off with a Buyers Agent.

You Can't Fix Stupid.

Why dual agency is a bad idea For Sellers and Buyers!
The perils of dual agency:
While real estate brokers and sales persons permitted by law to act as dual agents in real estate transactions, provided certain conditions meet, such dual agency arrangements present an increased risk of liability and/or discipline to the licensee.
An agent owes an affirmative duty of disclosure to his principal, which means the agent must tell his or her principal of what the agent knows about material to the principal’s interests or judgment in the transaction at issue. In the context of real estate transactions, this duty generally encompasses any facts material to the principal’s
interests affected by the transaction, which often extends beyond the facts on the value or desirability of the property. Moreover, an agent for the seller must also show to the buyer any known facts about the value or desirability of the property which the agent has reason to believe the buyer does not know and will not discover through reasonable diligence. In residential transactions, such disclosures governed by statutes requiring the various specific disclosures and use of certain forms, including the “Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement” (“TDS”).
With exception to the above-discussed affirmative disclosure requirements, an agent owes a duty to his or her principal not to use or show any information confidentially given him or her by the principal.
An agent’s duty of loyalty to his principal requires that all of the agent’s actions while carrying out the purpose of the agency be performed in service of the principal’s interests alone. The agent may not take any action or make any representation contrary to his principal’s interests. The above-summarized duties of an agent can sometimes be in conflict in dual agency situations.
Rules of Dual Agency:
Dual agency permitted in real estate transactions provided the principles notified in advance and consent to it. Without the principals’ prior knowledge and consent, a dual agent is not entitled to recover a commission, even if no one harmed as a result of the dual agency or the non-disclosure. Failure to show a dual agency may subject an agent to discipline by the Real Estate Commissioner. (Business & Professions Code 10176 (d)).            

Civil Code 2079.21 expressly permits dual agency, but there is an inherent possible conflict of interest because it prohibits a dual agent from disclosing either principal’s negotiating strategy. That is, the dual agent has all the same duties discussed above except that he or she must refrain from disclosing to the buyer “that the seller is willing to sell…at a price less than the listing price” without the seller’s express written consent. The Words to look for used by local real estate agents is.  "JUST MAKE AN OFFER" = "My Seller is willing to take less".

Square Footage Fairyland in Thomasville, GA
Realtors Advertising Square Footage
on Some Homes Are Not Correct and misleading in Thomasville, GA Always Ask For Public Record - DO NOT OVER PAY FOR SQUARE FOOTAGE. If Sq. Ft. NOT the same as public Record bonus rooms or additions done without a permit. Remember homes Sq. Ft. ONLY Counts if it is under A/C. - Deck, Porches, Garage, outside storage area, unfinished rooms are NOT PART OF A HOMES SQUARE FOOTAGE WHEN CALCULATING THE PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT. Price per square foot are difference. 


Sample of misleading square footage - Buying A Home By Square Footage

Home For sale listed for $280,000 with 2,400 Sq.Ft. This would make this home 116/per Square Foot price. "WOW Not Bad" Now if you were to ask for public records, this homes documented with 2,300 Sq. Ft. which it would make it 124/per Sq. Ft. so you just overpaid for that home. Always Ask for public record. Now imagine Some Realtors over exaggeration and adding 300 to 600 Square foot more than what a home really has? Now you just overpaid per Square Foot for that home. When calculating a home by square footage it should ONLY be Heated and Cooled area. And when they say total sometimes they are adding Garage, porches, unfinished bonus rooms and any area they can add to make the home bigger to prove the price. homes should NOT be sold only on square footage. Homes in other parts of the country sold for the unique features and upgrades they have. 99% of all realtors in Thomasville, GA sale homes only on square footage.        

Update 1/22/2012

It is very interesting that after our blogs on square footage has gotten massive interest the local real estate board has removed the option on all listings that indicates the square footage of each home being sold. This is a good thing because homes should not be sold on square footage alone but the custom features it has. This does not mean that a buyer should not ask for public record square footage and compare it with the Realtors listings. Some local realtors still like to use the square footage gimmick to justify the price of the home they are trying to sell and some listings have more square footage then public record has on files. If the public record does not have the same square footage then the bonus room or Additional done without a permit and it may not have been done to code. 

Their is only ONE Realtors in Thomasville, GA that we at Capital Home Builders can say has the most knowledge of Green High-Performance Smart Home Building. (Buyers Agent) All other Realtors and Brokerage office in Thomasville, GA have NO Idea of what a green smart or eco-friendly home is, then they have the AUDACITY to talk about green on their website.

Never Agree to Dual Agency by CAARE = Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate
Question? In A Divorce, Would You Have The Same Attorney Represent Both Parties
Dual Agency in Thomasville, Georgia

How to report a bad real estate agent or agency


GEORGIA Real Estate Commission
Suite 1000 - International Tower
229 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1605
FAX 404/656-6650 telephone 404/656-3916


The vast majority of real estate professionals in this country are ethical and honest, however, as with all businesses and professions there is also a majority of bad apples.

Never Agree to Dual Agency
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Agency: -real estate for sale in Thomasville, GA, Homes For Sale Thomasville, GA. Say NO to Dual Agency. Realty Services, Realtors in Thomas County
Dual Real Estate Agents are only interested in selling their own listings. Good ol' boy network - Alive and Well
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