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You do not leave vegetation under your footer.
You deffenitly do not set block on top of dirt.
By Georgia building code you have to have ether wire mesh or fiber. Does not have nether.  
By Georgia building code you have to have ether wire mesh or fiber. Does not have nether.
These are "Georgia Builders" Framers from  Moultrie, GA. The truss company told me that these guys "Georgia Builders" installed all of the trusses backwards. WOW! and the owners are nowhere in sight, which it would not have matter because they are landscapers not builders. I would like to say that I feel sorry for the buyers of these homes, but some buyers are also ignorant and only think about the price and not what they are really getting and that's why sometimes buyers get what they deserve. I would not call these homes custom, quality, or spic, just really cheaply built by Ignorant landscapers! and would not use these framers to frame a dog house. The County building inspectors only check that the Georgia minimum code is upheld and just like a Real Estate agent would know and follow ethical rules like they do in Thomasville, LOL Sorry. This statement about Thomasville ethical agents is too funny. If you have read my other pages on my website on Thomasville, GA Real Estate agants and how unethical they really are. Builders have to know if anything a littlie about Georgia building code and know if you do not have wire mesh you MUST use fiber, but it was not done on these two homes. So I don't blame the building inspectors for something that a true builder would know and do as a true builder. This is common sense.
These framers from Georgia builders installed the trusses backwards. If framers know what they are doing they would have not installed trusses wrong.  
This is one of many cracks. You do not start framing the next day of pouring concrete.
This  More cracks. You do not start framing the next day of pouring concrete.
All windows have weep holes on the bottom so when it rains and the water gets into the screen it is supposed to drain from the bottom, but NOT HERE. You are not supposed to put tape on the bottom of any window, now the water can not get out.  And this is a common practice with homes being built in Thomasville. The front of these two homes being built in Thomasville, have big gables and non of the front gable have house wrap. These is also common in thomasville builders if you are out, they will not buy any more.
You do not use sheathing clips on your walls. Do you know how much air lose and bugs these houses are going to hav. A LOT! I would not use these framers becouse they definitely do not know how to frame a home the right way.  
Here it also shows that they do not have any house wrap at all on all gables.    
City of Thomasville, GA.  Saving Money on conduit  by  having contractor do work 
Thomas County should not keep dodging the cost when it comes to running power to new construction. Contractors or the contractors sub contractor electrician should not and is not trained to go digging around transformer. Contractors and sub contractors are NOT trained to be working with or around this type of power. I am sure any person working in Thomas County with this type of dangerous equipment is trained? We the contractor and sub contractors ARE NOT. Every other County like Cairo takes full responsibility to run power from the house to the transformer. One day a contractor or a sub contractor will die by working on equipment that they have no knowledge or traning on and the family should sue the city of Thomasville for millions. Having the contractor or sub-contractor do these work is only for the city of Thomasville to save money. 
This is the original sewe line from the County/City. House drive is smack right in the middle of sewer line. Bad House planing. Subcontractor are not s

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