New Homes being Built in Thomasville, and Cairo GA. to bare and below minimum code. All of These are Actual images of Homes being Built in Thomasville, GA. These homes are being built for $85.00/per Sq. Ft. Sorry, but you can not get a quality built home for this price. what you will get is a cheaply built home. We don't build cheap homes we build homes above minimum code. Buyer's beware! "U GET WHAT U PAY 4".
As being the first custom & Smart Green Home Builder in South Georgia and the only builder building right and above minimum code, I am disgusted and disappointed in a town that permits bare minimum code and below building practices and also allows building of homes by people working under someone else's building license with no building knowledge or experience. These bad built homes are not doing any good to the community or to the existing homes that are built right and above minimum code.
It looks like the county in Thomasville, GA. and these unlicensed person is learning how to build by our images and us pointing out the wrong way homes are being built.
In Thomasville, GA. you have people building cheaply built homes for $85/per Sq. Ft. that have no knowledge of construction background and working under someone else's licenses and in Georgia this is illegal, but the city & county of Thomasville, GA. does not care. One of these people building in Thomasville, GA. was kicked out of Augusta GA. for building cheap homes. Most of the homes built by these people have had roof leaks the first few weeks of moving into these new homes. We are 100% on the jobsite to make sure the subcontractors are doing their work right and above minimum code. These other people with no licenses and no building knowledge are not 100% on the jobsite and it would not matter because they could not tell if the subcontractors are doing the work right or wrong. "(No Construction Knowledge)" You be swift to run!
This person is learning how to correct the bad building practices by the county inspectors looking at our images and having this person correct the problem. These homes have a lot more problems then just the once we have posted here. Most of these type of building is not to code and some are below minimum code and should not be allowed. Texas has a "Home Lemon Law" We do not have these type of protection in Thomasville, GA. SORRY
All of these images are from homes being built in Thomasville, GA. It looks like quality and standard building practices are not being implemented. Cheap labors & materials and using Mexican at $1.25/ sq. ft. for framing you would be luck if your studs have more then one nail. This are the type of homes being built in Thomasville, GA. So buyer's beware.


No Sill Plate - Only Sole Plate Minimum Code!
Missing More anchor bolts
NO H Clips
Duct Tape on Plywood joints. WOW! Too Funny

New Home Being Built in Thomasville, GA. This is NOT Minimum Code.



NO Drip Edge Flashing Goes on Before Underlayment
Here we have idiots wearing construction hat like if they are professional roofers, but are installing the roofing materials wrong. Too Funny!