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Georgia's #1 Custom High-End Home Builder. Words are just words, but we can show you what a true custom high-end home looks like "QUALITY" this word has been used and abused by local builders, so we try not to use this word when discribing our High-End custom homes. Don't be fooled by these "quality" cheaply built homes and bad builders in Thomasville, & South Georgia. PLEASE, PLEASE really take a look when other builders claim "Custom" like builders in South Georgia. They have no idea what a true "Custom" home really is. These is truly a sheep in wolf's clothing, in other word "Spic Homes". The only type of homes you will find around Georgia are energy hog homes. Our kitchen and Bathroom cabinetry are custom and with 10 year warranty, other builders use low end off the shelves or have a full tractor trailer of Cheap chinese cabnets for their so-called custom new homes.


Our homes are built better with Florida building code, which is way above the minimum Georgia building code that are used by all Georgia home builders around Thomasville, GA. When it comes to High Custom Energy Smart Homes we are the FIRST & ONLY! If your new home does not come with a 2-year electrical bill guarantee, then your home is cheaply built. Take a close look at the detail work and trim, you will see how cheaply these homes are built. I would stay away from new homes being built and for sale by owner. "Word of Warning" really, really cheaply built. "These are the type of homes being built" "Bad-Building-Practices-Thomasville & South GA."


Ask why their homes are not built with 2x6 exterior walls and why they are not built to Florida building code? just because we are in Georgia does not mean you cant build a better home,  Because it is cheaper to build with Georgia building code then to build with Flordia code. If you as a buyer do not do your homework when buying a new home you have no one to blame but yourself if you end up with a cheaply built home. Our New Home in peacock point Thomasville, GA. ClearWater.


We are the BEST! Builder.

We are the only and first builder to offer a 2 year electrical bill guarantee with 2x6 exterior walls and 10' ceilings. Homes being built in Thomasville, GA and South Georgia, do not compare to our Energy Efficient HERS Rated homes. If you are planning to build, please read as much as you can about the builder or who built the home you are looking to buy, just because the home has really nice trim work, does not mean it was built right or above building code. The Georgia building code is so bad I would not let my dog live in a home built to Georgia minimum code. "The word is". "MINIMUM BUILDING CODE"!
We treat each of one of our houses as if it was our own and are committed to constructing the finest of luxurious custom smart home that we can for our clients.We are focused on providing the best superior construction we can for each of our clients. 

Green Village Place:  New Energy Efficient Rentals Community @ Thomasville, GA.
We are building the first and only energy efficient rental community on 1/2 acre lots. You will pay a flat monthly rental fee with your electrical and water included. The homes are projected to curb energy use by at least 70 percent, compared to a house built or rented in Thomas County and built above the latest Georgia building and Energy Code. Call for more Info 229-289-0139 Marlene.

We are the only builder in South Georgia and North Florida building HERS Rated homes with a score of 50 this puts
CHB Homes on the top 1%ER in the U.S. building high-performance homes, what does this mean for our home buyer's? Our Homes utility bill of $50/per Month for a custom smart 2,500 Sq. Ft. ("This is a CHB gift that keep on giving" When buying a new home in Thomasville and South Georgia if it's not a high-performance home than it's built with old technology and minimum code.

Before buying a home in Thomasville, GA. educate yourself on the quality of that home because if that home is not built by us than it is built by Realtors and Home appraiser and built to bare minimum code. Our High Performance Homes are much more than energy efficient appliances and light bulbs plugged into a traditional building method.  

Our competitors may copy our home price, and even maybe our 10' celinigs, but they can't copy our quality and high-end HERS energy efficient construction. Local builders are always trying to get into our homes to see what new custom  features we are incorparating into our homes, and Realtors are always visiting our home on the local MLS to adjust their new home listings price.

Our clients are presented with documentation of the final HERS score so future resale buyers and appraisers can properly evaluate the home. See our projects at 
A standard code built home has a HERS score of 100, A Cheaply built home in Thomasville has a HERS score of 120. A CHB new custom built homes have been averaging HERS score in the low 50's, which means our homes are typically 60%+ more efficient than a cheaply minimum code built home in Thomasville. RESNET explains a HERS score in the 40's is a very good score indeed! RESNET states a builder has done a lot of the right things using energy efficient lighting system and installing efficient heating and cooling equipment. Do you know what your HERS score is?

Kiss energy bills goodbye!
Get your High Performance Home the way you want it. We are the only true custom High-Performance Energy efficient builder in
Thomasville, South Georgia and North Florida
. You will not find a better built home.  Come see why our energy efficient homes are so popular.
We Build Top High-End custom Homes. "This statment is a reflection on our HERS Score of 49 which no other builder has achieved or can't prove with proper documentation. With new homes being built and labled so-called "QUALITY" around Thomasville, GA. I would ask any smart home buyer to do your homework, because "Quality" they are NOT.  
First & only Builder Featured in Luxury Home Quarter, and BUILDER news Magazine in Georgia and Florida for being the first and only builder building Energy Smart HERS Rated homes. We are the leader Onyourlot Custom Builders. Green Building is no mystery. It’s Better Building. High Performance Homes For SALE.

A CHB HERS Index Score signifies a true energy efficient home. Capital Home Builders has built its reputation as the #1 and best custom high-performance home builder in
Thomasville and South Georgia. We GUARANTEE you will not find a better built home.  If you take a good look at new homes being built around Thomasville, GA you would see white kitchen cabinets, light granite, and modern design a look that local realtors told us it would not work in this town. WoW! Really, but we are flaterd that other low-end builders are trying, but they have a long way to go when it comes to copying our "Superior High-End Eminence".    

At CHB we have our homes tested by an independent third party energy rater to make sure all of our homes achieve the lowest score based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index as we can achieve possible and a 49 Score for a home still on the GRID makes us the most High-End & custom energy builder.
Choose your dream home plan free with us.
Our Custom High Performance Energy Smart Home Price from $89/Per Sq. Ft. Call us @ 229-289-0140. How pathetic can builders in Thomasville be by sending their wives to take photos of our custom features. WOW!

While others in Thomasville, GA. are building bare minimum code homes we are building custom green high-performance homes and we build it with FL. building code, not the bare minimum GA. codes homes are being built to. If you are looking to buy a new home in Thomasville, please take a really long look at the details of these new homes being built in Thomasville, GA. for sale, especially the tile and all of the trim work. WOW! and Then they are asking in the high $200 & $300's for these new homes. WOW!. If you have purchased one of these homes, You have been taken.

Most of these local builders can try and copy our design look, but they can't duplicate our high-end features and our 2 year Electrical bill guarantee. They have nothing on us when it comes to building homes right and with top custom high-end design. We never use bath inserts, they do.
We pride ourselves on designing and building homes that are different than others on the market. We place an emphasis on making sure that every square foot is meaningful!, and we do this by building the most energy efficient home in South GA. and North FL. Our HERS Scores of 49 says it all. Other builders in Thomas County focus on cuting corners when building thier homes, We care on how low Our HERS Score is. which means how low your electrical bill will be.
Have a true custom high-end home built, with the only builder building with 10' ceiling, 2x6 exterior walls with R23 insulation. These custom Smart home with 2,065 sq.ft. can be built on your land for $164,900 
We are also the first and only builder building homes with 10' ceilings. Other builders my claim this on their cheesy TV commercial advertisement, But we are the first and if their homes were selling that fast they would not be reducing the price.

Our high performance homes are superior built well-above industry standards, constructed from the highest quality and backed by third-party performance testing. We believe in a bright and sustainable future for home building.  We want to reduce our impact on the environment and provide energy savings for home owners in South Georgia. We are GA-builders of high performance homes with Ecologically Sized plans.

Energy Efficiency with HERS

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home's energy efficiency is measured.  Every Waterford Home comes with an independently certified HERS rating, which is part of our commitment to be a RESNET EnergySmart Builder.

A standard new American home that meets current industry standards for energy efficiency is given a HERS Index score of 100.  This is the benchmark against which all other homes are measured. A lower the score means a more energy efficient home, while a higher score denotes the opposite. The U.S. Department of Energy has determined that a typical resale home scores 130 on the HERS Index, meaning it is 30% less energy efficient than the reference home.  A CHB Homes typically score around 49-54, meaning they are 55-60% more efficient than a typical new home and 90% more efficient than a typical re-sale.


“High Performance homes take “green” and “sustainability” to a new level. A high performance home is a sustainable built home that save energy, conserves water, is healthier for the occupants, and is less impactful on the environment. It is more durable, lasts longer, and costs less to maintain as well. A high performance home maximizes the livability of a home, while minimizing the space and resources it needs. A high performance home is a quality home. At a basic level, a high performance home is built with the finest craftsmanship, using the best building practices and materials available, but it is also a well-designed home that fits the Owner’s needs and wants in a comfortable way, With Style!  


What is A HERS Rated High Performance Home?

You will not find a NEW HOME and get a better than "Electric bill GUARANTEED for 2 Years". Now if you want a cheap built home we have many new and used in Thomasville, GA.

It's now easier than ever to own a home that is better for the environment, saves money, lasts longer, and provides superior comfort and health for your family. These are the roots of Green Construction and how we build everyday at CHB Homes.


All of our homes are built with 2"x6" Walls....WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO COMPARE OUR HOMES TO OTHER NEW HOMES BEING BUILT in THOMASVILLE and SOUTH GEORGIA. ALL OF OUR HOMES COME WITH AN ELECTRIC BILL $50.00/PER MONTH. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER BUILT HOME. When adding the proper amount of insulation to your attic, hire an insulation company NOT a construction lumber company.
Our homes are Design with energy-efficient envelope, water efficiency, renewable material, easy maintenance, better indoor air quality, use of less toxic materials, and locally obtainable material. We are the best at what we do. We just don't say it we can prove it and you can also find us at and The only Realtor in Thomasville, GA with the most testimonials for providing excellent service. Marlene Bienes from Thomasville, GA. is a true buyer's agent. Never buy a home From The same listing agent, this is called Dual Agency. The Listing agent is working for the seller Not you the buyer!. If you find a new home built that is not built by CHB, it's most likely built by a Realtor, or landscapers. NOT A TRUE BUILDER. Homes built in Georgia are built to "Bare Minimum building Code"
CHB is the only builder in Thomasville and South Georgia building smart home automation. Our homes come wired throughout, control your surveillance camera from vacation, control your A/C unit remotely from anywhere, HDMI, Wireless access throughout. Our homes are also wired with Cat 5, RG11 and RG6 for the fastest internet access. You will not find a new home built like ours.
Finding the right builder or home in Thomasville GA. We are the Innovators in building top high-end homes - We have the largest and best collection of home floor plans and green floor plans then any other builder or website. First Thomasville, GA. Real Estate high performance Homes.
Today many Realtors in Thomasville, GA like to use the words Green or Energy efficient without documentation backup this is “green washing at best ---- MUST READ ----- Architectural Green house plans. Coming Soon!
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